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The client was a large Pharmaceutical Benefit Management firm that had grown rapidly through acquisition. But the commercial processes had never been properly integrated, and multiple product menus, product definitions and pricing approaches remained. The result was a disjointed customer experience and operational rework as the front end of the business struggled to communicate customer needs to the ops team.



We started by conducting over 20 interviews with key personnel in order to understand internal and external customer needs. Next, we compiled wide ranging data on scores of products, including product features, pricing, overlap with other products, revenue and costs. We then simplified the product menu, standardized pricing and created a single source of truth for all sales reps to use as part of the bidding and ordering process, with insight to the process via a new management dashboard.


The client increased the number of orders "right the first time", and reduced operational errors, leading to improved customer satisfaction and lower rework costs.

  Pharmaceutical Benefit Management - Commercial Ops Improvement  
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