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Growth Strategy

How can you most effectively accelerate growth in your organization? Are there new markets, customers, countries or products you should be considering, but you are unable to quantify and prioritize those options? Specific questions we've helped companies address include:

  • Should a leading animal health firm enter the consumer retail channel outside the US?  If so, how?

  • How should an education start-up structure its business and specific products to enter a foreign market dominated by a long-established competitor?

  • How can a private equity owned, specialized technology firm accelerate top-line growth in preparation for the sale of the business?

  • How should a financial services firm segment its business in order to drive superior product development and customer focus?


We are experts at simplifying complex situations so that leaders can more quickly make better decisions and drive growth for their organization. If you’ve been trying to do that on your own, but you’ve been told something like:  “It’s too complex”, “Our products are so unique”, or “We’ve looked at it and it can’t be done”, then we are likely a great fit for your needs. 


We bring to the table the right balance of imagination, experience, posing the right questions, and knowing how to seek out and synthesize the data in order to create a clear picture of the opportunities before you. Although we focus on the commercial side of the business, we also have extensive cross-functional experience that allows us to break down barriers and drive progress. And while many of our clients are in the healthcare or education sector, we have experience across many other industries including manufacturing, financial services, as well as consumer and business services. Our specific services include:

Commercial Ops Improvement

Within the hour, can you tell your board what your top selling products are, who buys the most of them, the price, along with the top cross-sell opportunities you have for growth by client and product? If not, you are likely leaving significant profit on the table by serving unprofitable customers, missing opportunities, and losing out on top sales talent that wants better support in order to achieve targets. We combine process improvement principles with 20+ years of commercial leadership experience to optimize your product management, sales and business management processes and address questions such as:

  • How do we get to a strategic planning process that yields a growth plan that can and will be executed by all functional areas? 

  • How do we create a comprehensive, yet succinct view of product sales so that leadership can quickly see and manage trends at the customer, market and portfolio levels?

  • In the aftermath of a merger, how do we create a single product portfolio with clean processes that allow the sales and operations teams to deliver an excellent customer experience?

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