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Commercial Ops Improvement

"Katana Consulting has been a trusted partner for my company in the area of simplifying the complex.  Katana has continued to demonstrate an uncanny ability to quickly assess complicated situations, gather input from several stakeholders, and play back the situation in a thoughtful, simple and concise manner. As a result, we have gained the necessary buy-in and clarity to accelerate actionable decision making."


VP of Transformation

$2.5B manufacturer

A key to success for Katana is that we are adept at finding the real Voice of Customer, and at integrating that into cross-functional solutions that drive positive change. Below is a bit of our own Voice of Customer:

International Healthcare Strategy

"I've found Katana Consulting to be a highly competent partner in thought and action, coming alongside us to help perceive, articulate, and pursue key priorities during a time of flux.  Katana is able to quickly distill salient points amidst fragmented discussions; communicate concisely and persuasively; quickly become conversant in new fields; harness analogies to end stalemates and drive progress.  Very impressive."


Greg Starbird

CEO, Healthstore Foundation

International Growth Strategy

"Katana Consulting has been an outstanding partner for our team. Kevin has an astounding ability to quickly jump and successfully get up to speed on any project we have given him. He maintains laser like focus on the goals we are trying to achieve, and delivers plans and communication tools that have become the foundation for our new product launches. He was a true asset when he joined the management teams on international trips to meet potential partners. He demonstrated a strong ability to think on the fly coming up with creative solutions to address concerns potential partners had."


Education Startup

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